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The viaDNA Remote is an immensely powerful scalar field portal that uses DNA in white blood cells as its transmission key/antenna.

Using a small single-use lancet/stylet similar to but more efficient than those used by diabetics every day to test blood sugar levels, viaDNA allows you to take a small blood sample and preserve it using grain alcohol (or good vodka) and use it at its full potency for three months before needing another sample.

Two transmitter models are available. Both will kill pathogens and heal organ or system injuries. However, the White is optimized for killing, while the Black is best for healing.

The system was designed and built using superior American know-how by Luis Larzabal, an electronic engineer who has been awarded five US patents and more than 40 international patents in the fields of signal processing and communications. He is a 45-plus year veteran of the electronics and semiconductor technology sectors serving telecommunications, military, industrial, and medical markets.

His viaDNA system has been reported by a large panel of experienced remote transmission users to be at least three times more effective than anything else currently available.

An external software-supported signal booster is not required for viaDNA Remotes because parallel boost is designed in.

Luis is ably advised and assisted in his research, development, and testing by his professional health consultant partner, Lorraine.

viaDNA Remote.

to You.

Probably the best starter bundle for most people.

viaDNA Remote: a frequency transmission device utilizing your blood DNA. Allows you the freedom to go about your day receiving frequencies 24/7. Maximize your generator’s capabilities with the built-in parallel booster feature that takes advantage of both outputs. Designed and built in the USA.

5-Pak 6mm Vial Kit: all the accessories you need for easy collection of your blood sample. The vial goes inside the remote. When preserved in alcohol, your DNA sample lasts for 3-4 months. Enough supplies for 15-20 months of use.

Dropper Bottle & 2 Wood Bases: the bottle stores alcohol (alcohol not included). The wood base holds your vial upright as you apply drops of alcohol to your DNA sample. Note that the wood base is being replaced by a more robust dual base.

All items also come with the viaUPS unit sold as the Everything Bundle (not shown here).


The White viaDNA Remote (with built-in boost) and its high-quality BNC cables. Best for killing.


The Black viaDNA Remote (with built-in boost) and its high-quality BNC cables. Best for healing.


For Contact. Outs wired in parallel. Means better waves, less distortion, more power.


Enough for 15-20 months. Just add blood samples and alcohol.


Each viaUPS unit lets you keep one essential generator running when power gets dodgy.


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