V-Machines: Phase I

There are men who like nothing better than to climb on top of a sand-hill and beat their chests, squeaking, "I'm so clever, look at me, look at me!"

Witold Pawlowski is not one of them. In fact, it was not until I'd known him for almost a year that I found out he was far more than the senior ex-army officer I knew him to be – he was actually respected by his scientific peers throughout eastern Europe as an unusually clever and inventive engineer.

He's been dreaming up and prototyping his own designs for many years, and all of them were bought by the people invited to test them. What you see here is Phase I of his range of V-Machine designs for ICU.


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What it is: Lux is designed to pulse LED light carrier waves with frequencies, creating discrete photon streams. When he was researching human cells, Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that they use photons harvested from foods to communicate with each other. Later Russian research showed that DNA creates identical copies of itself using photons which remain intact for 30 days, then fade out like stars at dawn.

Sunlight is the language of life, and near infrared and far infrared LEDs provide the exact wavelengths that our cells require.

Lux is two main components – the controller and the lamp set.

The control unit has an automatic switching power system which can connect to either a 110/120v or 220/240v mains supply with an illuminated switch and socket on the rear panel. Your frequency generator connects to the front panel.

Accessories: An aviation-type XLR connects the main lamp, while the RCA socket is for handheld applicators. Since each is different, it is impossible to make a mistake with connections.


How you use it: The main lamp is rated at 90W and has two types of LEDs – far red 660nm and near infrared 830nm. There is also a switch to turn the lamp off if desired. Internal fans will keep the lamp and controller components cool. The lamp can be mounted on a boom stand, such as a double-braced type used for a snare drum, available in all music equipment stores, or on the web.

Handheld LED wands of various sizes allow you to target smaller specific areas and can be used alone or simultaneously with the main lamp.

Why you use it: Light with specific wavelengths and pulse frequencies can have superb healing potential without side effects or overdose.

For now, Lux is handbuilt to order. Please note it is supplied as a single best-of-class model – custom builds are not available.

ONE MORE REASON: we can't show you our latest photon-based hybrid V-Machine yet because we just invented it a week ago and we haven't finished building it yet! It's also top secret, so all we can tell you is that when you combine it with another superb new overnight system, contact mode changes beyond recognition.



What it is: TechTonic is an electrostatic generator with a negative polarity output, reaching 30,000V but at an extremely low totally safe current. It can be powered from EU or US mains with grounding. There is a high voltage socket on the rear panel, plus an illuminated AC socket with power switch and green LED on the front.

Accessories: A high voltage silicone cable terminated with a plug connects to the socket on the rear panel and has a crocodile clip on its other end. This clip is secured to the unit's plate electrode which is then suspended in air without touching anything.

How you use it: It supplies negative ions by negatively charging air particles. Your home is deprived of these thanks to synthetic materials. Overabundance of positive ions causes many health problems, ranging from headaches to severe depression. On dry winter days you can accumulate tens of thousands of volts by contact with carpets, upholstery, or synthetic flooring. Since you are isolated from the earth by floors and footwear, you cannot drain those potentials off your body fast enough.

You can also use it to negatively charge the body directly by placing the conductive cushioned plate on the seat or backrest. Or put it on a low plastic stool and rest your bare feet on it. The chair or stool must be all plastic, and you must not come in contact with anything that touches walls or floor during treatment. Garden chairs and small plastic stools are perfect – but wood or metal ones must not be used.

Why you use it: One reason we're usually deficient in negative charges is because free radicals steal them every time they can, making our bodies more acidic, the perfect environment for pathogenic organisms to flourish.

By using TechTonic a couple of times a week, you can maintain optimal electrical balance, which is vital to health and recovery from illness. Avoid polyester and other synthetic fibre clothing and bedding – it's extruded plastic filament.

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