My name is David Bourke...

…and if you've owned a Chinese Rife system, some of you will know me as "DB." Most of you don't know me at all. I am no more remarkable than anyone else. This website isn't for me – it's for you. But to help you understand why it's here, I need to tell you a true story.

In my life, I worked as a journalist for a national daily newspaper, I won awards for my short fiction, and for my advertising and marketing campaigns. I also worked as a professional music composer and producer. To try to understand how music and audio connect so directly and profoundly to human emotions, I dived deep into sound design and development.

And that is what saved my life.

In July 2013, I sat looking out the rainy window of an oncologist's office listening to him forecast that I would be dead and buried in two months unless I immediately submitted to the hell of chemotherapy and radiation he had lined up for my newly-discovered iatrogenic esophageal adenocarcinoma.

"Iatrogenic" means "caused by medical treatment" – in my case, by a drug prescribed for osteoporosis.

As he droned on with his sales pitch, the faces of loved ones, friends, and people I cared about with cancers who had said "yes" to this torture and died dreadful deaths flashed in front of my eyes.

To his surprise, I calmly said "no." I had a secret weapon in my arsenal that I knew would help me – the first version of a cheap high frequency audio/radio Rife energy medicine system I helped to create and market and which I mention below.

I knew it worked because I'd been using it successfully to treat a Lyme Disease variant called Morgellons Disease for the previous three months. It was also why I was able to laugh and joke with the nurses as a thick metal snake was pushed down my throat, and then to greet the diagnosis calmly and with equanimity.

The disbelieving white coat shook his head knowingly and told me I was committing suicide.

So I went home, entrusted myself to my Divine Creator and my Rife system, and immediately started to research cancer. I documented my journey every step of the way in my personal journal. I'm still here because I discovered the truth about matter and energy. And the small man in a white coat who predicted my death isn't.

Along the way, I experienced some of the most expensive Rife systems you can buy, and until 2017 I was a member of the core team that developed the least expensive one. My special skill lay in the development of frequencies and sequences.

My journey led me to the founding of ICU and partnership with an international alliance of top scientists, systems developers, medical professionals, and unconventional healers. We work as a team, a co-operative, not a corporation (which stems from the same root word as "corpse").

All of them are my friends, and all believe passionately in our founding principles of truth, honor, and compassion. More than ever, we remain focused on creating the very best. "Good enough" is never good enough.

We intend this website to be a garden of sunlight and love. Namaste, my friends, you are very welcome. The flowers that blossom here will gladden your hearts, lift your spirits, and soothe your wounds.


Truth. Honor. Compassion.

© David Bourke 2022
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