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Shatter ICU is here, powered by the superb new Shatter software that makes everything as easy as 1, 2, 3 – drag, drop, start. To keep things simple, we've removed it from here. Get it only by clicking the sky-blue "Subscribe" button at the end of this page.

Nothing brand new is ever perfect. But we intend to make it so. The best is yet to come, friends. Join us. We're going places.

Shatter ICU v1.6.1 – PDF


This ZIP file contains a PDF copy of all the Shatter ICU v1.6.1 sequence names and text notes so you can search and read on another computer (including a Mac), or a smart phone or tablet.

Internet rules prohibit website-style search on local websites for security reasons. We have now developed a 100% secure local search that won't contravene the rules.

So native search will be incorporated in our next update.


Shatter Developer Template

The easiest, fastest, and most powerful way to build your own Shatter sequence is to do it in Excel – or any other spreadsheet application. You're not limited to Windows – you can build in Numbers on the Mac or in any Linux environment. Export your work as a CSV file to load it in Shatter.

Spreadsheet building gives you the ultimate in flexibility and ease. Do it once and you'll never do it any other way. CSV is a standard format which allows your files to be opened in many different programs.

To use a spreadsheet for Shatter, you just need basic knowledge of cells, rows, columns, and simple formulas that add or multiply. You should also have a basic understanding of generator settings - the Glossary in the Shatter User Guide will teach you all you need to know.

If you wish to share your work with other Shatter users, send it to David Bourke at ICU. If we like it, we'll add it to our ICU sequence pack. Note that for developer security, we don't name our developers - the work carries initials only. This will change.


Spooky2 August 2017

Following the introduction of the $580 GeneratorX which uses phase angle measurement for biofeedback scanning instead of the $58 Spooky Pulse’s undamped cardiac monitoring, Pulse users reported that their scans no longer reported the known true status of their long-term health issues.

When some of them reinstalled the 2017 version of the software which dated from before the GeneratorX launch, they found that their scans were dependable again.

It's possible that the removal of our acclaimed Intensive Care Protocol from the factory installer was intended to prevent users from noticing changes in their biofeedback results.

Since this Protocol was built around having accurate and trustworthy biofeedback scans, we immediately notified our Members to use the 2017 software and made it available.

Because it can be trusted.


BioScan Guide

Here's our PDF guide to performing Spooky Pulse scans correctly and reliably. It demonstrates how to do Body Scans, Targeted Scans, Grade Scans, and Optimize Scans.

It also deals with the science behind this type of biofeedback, how to arrange your Spooky2 directory for easy access to the scan presets, and how to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a Full Body Scan.

Note that a short section on Reverse Lookup for body scans will be added to a new version of this guide, which will also have Shatter screenshots.

However, you must understand that no Spooky biofeedback system is a diagnostic tool. What the lookup system does is a database search for frequencies that may be related to those found in your scan – or might not.

The system is intended to find useful frequencies by monitoring your physical reactions to a frequency sweep that covers the entire bandwidth of pathogenic organisms. When the infrared monitor detects a pathogen's death frenzy, the frequency that killed it is noted.

So when you use the list of found frequencies to treat, you can be certain that they're killing things that don't belong in your body.


BioScan Presets

We intend to develop our own biofeedback system as soon as possible. In the meantime, these are the BioScan presets we developed for use in the Spooky2 August 2017 release.

After making a backup copy, unzip this file, then copy the folder named "Biofeedback" into the User folder inside Preset Collections (Spooky2 folder).

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