One thing to understand clearly...

…is that everything you see on this website, all the files and the electronic equipment, had its origins in experiments by curious people. All these people felt compelled, for some reason, to share their results and experiences with the world, and a few of them directly with me. In many cases, intuition, instinct, or "gut feeling" play a role in prompting these experiments, and I have always believed that whenever I felt the tug of intuition in my own life, it was God whispering in my ear.

I have never had a single occasion to regret listening to that whisper, but I have had far too many occasions to regret ignoring it.

Since these intrepid explorers chose to share their experiences with me, I now choose to share them with you to make of what you will. But you must understand clearly that neither I nor anyone connected with ICU make any medical claims whatsoever for anything you will find on this website.

Except for the story I shared on the previous page about my own defeat of cancer. That's a matter of medical record.

The following are a random sampling of some of the stories shared by a tiny fraction of those who followed in my footsteps and took back control of their own health and wellbeing when conventional medicine failed them.

To navigate through these slide-shows, click on an image, a dot, or an arrow. For privacy, names and faces are obscured.

Coming soon...

O: State of the art software that's inexpensive and simple to understand and use.

O: Hand-curated 7,000-plus (and ever-growing) frequency set library. Frequency sets and sequences may be freely expanded to a multi.

O: A growing vault of more than 1,000-acclaimed sequences built by professional medical and research experts.

O: Protocols for autism/ASD, vaccination injuries, Morgellons, Lyme, total or substance-specific terrain detox, intensive care (multi-condition), System C (our new plug-and-play multi-cancer protocol), and much more.

O: Substance Simulation tech allows electronic administration of vitamins, supplements, and side effect-free pharmaceutical medications.

O: TFM tech uses molecular engineering to disarm dangerous toxins by turning them into harmless "nonsense molecules" before excretion. Based on the work of a Nobel Prize winner.

O: OMNI sequences don't kill pathogens – they make life in the body so hostile that bad guys flee for the exits. No Herxheimer Reaction, and no detox.

O: Subscription gets you a discounted extra license, with personal email support, plus our private Forum.


Truth. Honor. Compassion.

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