'Health is wealth'

My mother never tired of drumming these words into us when we were growing up. But life rarely puts an old head on young shoulders, so it was not until I was infected with Morgellons Disease in 2009 that I started to appreciate how wise she was.

And it was that devastating assault on my health that dragged me kicking and screaming to walk the hard, rocky road of discovery, to see clearly the lies and deceptions upon which The Trickster's world was built, and the treacherous and doomed people who helped to build it.

Morgellons was both the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. From it came all the answers I needed when life got crazy and tough. It's a gift that keeps on giving, and it's very far from done yet. The black labs used it to develop and test the technologies that go into the mRNA injection our governments want all of us to accept. Our experience and success with Morgellons coupled with our TFM technology gives us the ability to quickly and completely neutralize any substance introduced into the body.

Our Morgellons work was initially created to run on Chinese Spooky2 software. Our dissatisfaction and increasing problems with that led us to start creating a modern American software solution called Shatter, which was more efficient and easier for non-technical people to understand and operate, especially the unwell or elderly. However, personal family problems placed an immoveable boulder in our developer's path.

We are now working on new software with another development group.

At the moment, our ICU treatment pack consists of about 1,400 programs, with more than 7,000 others waiting to be finalized and added. We plan to double those numbers in the next three months, and we have things lined up that will take your breath away.

You're probably wondering, "Can I afford to get it?" Well, we don't have a final cost yet because we're not finished. But think back over the unprecedented and unthinkable events of the last 2–3 years and ask yourself instead, "Can I afford NOT to?"

The future is energy medicine. We are energy beings. Einstein, Rife, Priore, and Tesla were right.


Truth. Honor. Compassion.

© David Bourke 2022
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